Monday, June 3, 2013

How should we contact non-users?

RPV registration is well over 50% in a good few units, but some people haven't joined.  We know a bit about these non-users.  We also know that if you ask people why they don't use it, the most common answer is that they didn't know about it, or didn't realise that it could be useful to them.  You can read more in our recruitment toolkit

Next there are people who have asked for an RPV login, but have never used it.  This is a surprisingly large number, 15-20% of the total.  Others have used it just once or twice.  We know less about this group, and are undertaking some research to look at this.  But an important question is how should we approach them to offer help, and to find out why? 

We're thinking of writing or sending an automated message to say 'You don't seem to have used RPV recently/ at all/ for a long time.  Can we help?'.  Help could be:
  • point to videos that explain how (like those at
  • re-send a login with a letter and fuller instructions
  • offer a phone call if they ask for one
  • make a phone call anyway
  • or all of these, in a graded manner.  
We're imagining this would all be done in an automated way, or by someone not involved in clinical care. 

Does this sound the right way to go about it?