Sunday, September 14, 2014

PatientView 2 is on the way!

PatientView gives over 30,000 renal patients, and some with diabetes, immediate access to test results, letters, and other info. 

It may have seemed quiet here recently, but behind the scenes we've been doing a huge amount of work.  PatientView2 (PV2) is on the way!  We're aiming for December launch.  First-look screens:

Why PV2?
  • Half of logins are from mobiles or tablets, but PV1 doesn't work well on mobile devices.
  • PatientView was written 10 years ago for a pilot project.  It's grown much bigger and it is proving a strain to get the old system to do all the things we're asking it to do now.
  • Some other specialties are joining us, and we need to sort out how to show them best.
  • There are lots of exciting things that PatientView could  do, but it's been difficult to integrate them.
  • It should do all the things that existing PatientView does, plus more, and better.  

Help us with your comments

  • Your comments are very welcome below.  We will be speaking to a few of you individually over the next 2-4 weeks.
  • An important Q is how to show numbers in a way that works well on small as well as big screens.  We know that new test results are the usual reason for logging in when you do.  Here are initial ideas.  How badly do we need to keep the old 'big table' view of current PatientView?  (it could be possible to add it later, but with the extra info we want to provide it will be a difficult format even on a large screen)
Results home.  There is one result per box.

When you click on one of them you get a list of all the previous values, more info and a graph

GP medicines on PatientView

We're about to test a link to GP drug lists, so we'll be able to show what your GP thinks you're on as well as what your Unit thinks you're on.  This is being tested in a few units first - list to follow of who's in line.
If it's working in your unit you'll see a notice asking your permission when you log in.  You'll see it again on the Medicines page (and you can change your mind there too).
This could be really useful for staff in Renal Units too, who often can't see this info.  
If this works, next thing we'll do is make it easy for you to tell us what's wrong with the lists.