Sunday, September 14, 2014

PatientView 2 is on the way!

PatientView gives over 30,000 renal patients, and some with diabetes, immediate access to test results, letters, and other info. 

It may have seemed quiet here recently, but behind the scenes we've been doing a huge amount of work.  PatientView2 (PV2) is on the way!  We're aiming for December launch.  First-look screens:

Why PV2?
  • Half of logins are from mobiles or tablets, but PV1 doesn't work well on mobile devices.
  • PatientView was written 10 years ago for a pilot project.  It's grown much bigger and it is proving a strain to get the old system to do all the things we're asking it to do now.
  • Some other specialties are joining us, and we need to sort out how to show them best.
  • There are lots of exciting things that PatientView could  do, but it's been difficult to integrate them.
  • It should do all the things that existing PatientView does, plus more, and better.  

Help us with your comments

  • Your comments are very welcome below.  We will be speaking to a few of you individually over the next 2-4 weeks.
  • An important Q is how to show numbers in a way that works well on small as well as big screens.  We know that new test results are the usual reason for logging in when you do.  Here are initial ideas.  How badly do we need to keep the old 'big table' view of current PatientView?  (it could be possible to add it later, but with the extra info we want to provide it will be a difficult format even on a large screen)
Results home.  There is one result per box.

When you click on one of them you get a list of all the previous values, more info and a graph


Toni Ratcliffe said...

It would be very useful to have on the welcome screen where it tells you that your record was last updated ### what actually was updated. The number of times that I have seen that my record was updated the day before and trawled through looking for what was added and never found anything.

Neil Turner said...

Thanks - that would be good - trouble is we can't tell what the changes are most of the time - yet. When we can, we'll look at the possibility of sending notifications, not just showing when you log in.

Paul Sheppard said...

Looking at your plans for showing the results, I think it would be better making the 2nd screen with single result +graph/history the primary screen, and then be able to slide left or right to see various results in that format. It's more important to see a result relative to its history than a set of independent results

Andrew Bailey said...

Great news. Can we assume that the addition of new specialities will mean the addition of new test results? As you say, we login to see test results - this is Patient View's greatest strength, but the results it doesn't have are also its weakness as I'm left going to the surgery for these.

Following on from your question about the "big table" - the table format is mostly useful for me for answering those questions like "when reading X was ..., what was reading Y?" I'd be concerned about this being difficult if the table was lost, but it could be addressed by having a "compare with..." function in the detailed view for a given result.

Hugh Rayner said...

Dear Neil
I find it very frustrating having to send out paper work for patients to register for RPV. The process of sending papers back and forth is so prone to failing.
Could registration be done on-line?
Thanks very much as ever
Hugh Rayner

John Hamilton said...

Hi, this is great news and thank you for PV1 too, as a patient who likes to be informed, this allows me to feel completely in control of all information pertaining to my condition.
While I do feel that it is neccesary to have the complete table, as a previous comment states, I also need the comparison available to show what value X was in relation to Y at a specific time too; would it be possible to customise the view to suit individual requirements ie. as a transplant patient, my life currently revolves around Creatinine and Tacrolimus levels. So, while that is the case would it be possible to set an instantly accessible screen that shows only those 2 results please?

Ali Crockford said...

I very much agree that latest results are key. It would also be a shame to lose the ability to compare one result with another (eg increased creatinine while fighting off an infection, so looking at CRP results is important) - the Compare With function mentioned would really help with that.

I also LOVE the new graph function, so useful, looking forward to using that more on the next version!

Also agree that being able to select which measures are displayed would be good, or the order in which they appear. eg a patient with liver problems will want those numbers nearer the front, diabetes patients may want glucose. For me and the majority of kidney transplant patients it's the eGFR, creatinine and the trough measures of our tacro/siro/etc which are important.

Being able to set the display to show your "favourite" measures first and hide those which aren't relevant to you or are empty would be a real bonus.

Thanks for all the hard work you are putting in! Is there any kind of possibility for crowdfunding the improvements, or grants from NKF or the KPAs that use the system?


Eddy A said...

The plots are great - but please make the x-axis use the date rather than having a fixed interval between points (it looks like they're used used as tick labels at the moment). Events like transplants or problems often cause a flurry of results.

I suspect it's asking too much, but plotting the "normal" range would be nice too.

Could you also give the ability to export as .csv, particularly if you drop the "big view"? Before PV had plots I've copied the table into excel/oo and plotted that way.

Some customisation of the pages would be useful; I currently have at least one page of results that have never had any entries.

Seanchaí said...

Hi Neil, I'm ambivalent as to whether the table format stays or goes; however being able to compare like for like results over time has been a very useful feature and when one is put on additional medications such as some antibiotics, results can start to vary widely. Having access to previous results allows us track our progress back towards 'normality' once the treatment has ended.

Many thanks for the great work on the further developments.

Peter Coghlan

Nick Harper said...

I think it looks great. I like the arrows to the side showing a comparison to the previous result.

The detail screen then allows a greater comparison across those results - which I think is necessary (especially if you have a lot of results in quick succession).

Ultimately, I think the service would be great even if it was plain text, I find it an essential way to stay informed, and to focus my discussions with my consultant.

A Kentish Maid said...

I'm just grateful for anything that shows my results! I had a transplant eleven years ago but only ever received some results on my letters - then I stopped receiving letters and had to keep ringing up ( cost cutting?). I was only told
about this system a couple of months ago - perhaps many aren't? I look forward to seeing what improvements will be coming to the site.

Neil Turner said...

Thanks very much for the feedback and Sorry for my s l o w respond.
The Compare function you've suggested (Andrew B and John H) is exactly what we're looking to do. It may not be ready on switch-over date but added soon after we hope.
Online sign-up (Hugh R) - we're part way there with the 'I want to join' function, but will have to think through how we change the permissions we have from Caldicott guardians to move to that entirely. Will do. We'd also like the option to allow users to consent to contacting them about research that they might be eligible for, and to keep their records long-term if they are in a research project.
Spacing on graphs should be by date (Eddy A) - yes it should. I'll check we have that in hand.
Configurability - a couple of requests. We have thought of that and could do it later. At the moment the order of results will change by specialty, so that if you are registered at a Diabetes unit, glucose and HbA1c will be up front. If you are both Renal and Diabetic, you can flip between them.
Normal range - there's a problem that normal varies depending what's wrong with you.
Big table (and downloads) - I think we will try to offer both of these, big table option first, but they probably won't be there on go-live.

Thanks again. Update on progress coming soon.

Andrew Bailey said...

Thanks for the update and thanks again for the great service.

Shoky Visram said...

I found PV1 useful in getting to see my results in real time. From what I have seen so far, PV2 looks like a step further in refinement, especially security. Having looked at my data, I find that the only data available on PV2 is from Basildon Hospital. In addition to being a patient at Basildon Hospital, I am also a patient at Guy's and have been since my transplant in August 2013. I hope the PV2 will amalgamate both data and make it available to view.

Anonymous said...


I think you need to speak to someone at Guy's and ask them to add you to PatientView.

There is a setting in your patient record at each hospital which controls whether or not your data is sent to PV. When you attend a new renal unit you need to let them know you're a PV user so they can enable it.

Shoky Visram said...

Hi! George
I am posting this comment again as by mistake I have posted the first one somewhere else. Sorry, Neal.
On PV1, I am already registered with Basildon and Guy's and get results from both hospitals. On PV2, for some reason only results from Basildon are picked up. Hence my comment so hoping the error can be corrected.