Sunday, September 14, 2014

GP medicines on PatientView

We're about to test a link to GP drug lists, so we'll be able to show what your GP thinks you're on as well as what your Unit thinks you're on.  This is being tested in a few units first - list to follow of who's in line.
If it's working in your unit you'll see a notice asking your permission when you log in.  You'll see it again on the Medicines page (and you can change your mind there too).
This could be really useful for staff in Renal Units too, who often can't see this info.  
If this works, next thing we'll do is make it easy for you to tell us what's wrong with the lists. 


Pushbar Toopen said...

This seems like an excellent development. To me, as a renal transplant patient and having since developed diabetes, I'm looking forward to knowing if what I think I'm on is the same or differs from what my renal Unit, my GP practice and my DSN think I'm on.

Neil Turner said...

Thanks for that Pushpar. The pilot is going well, thanks to all participants for their feedback - though it was a bit more complicated because GP drugs aren't recorded quite as consistently as we'd hoped.
Will update with a new post shortly.