Friday, April 18, 2014


When you click on Results, you are now offered a 'Graphic' option, or "see these results as a graph".  This is Creatinine for someone starting dialysis:
For creatinine, higher numbers are worse. So for this patient, things got worse, then when they started dialysis, creatinine fell, but now it goes up and down before and after dialysis.
When you hover over a point on the graph, the number and date appear in the pop-up.  If you click on the results title you'll link to info, like the creatinine info which tells you what 'normal' should be and what is different in patients with kidney disease.
Below the graph you can choose how long a period to show, and on the left you can choose which result to show.  Here are some recommendations:

  • Creatinine is a useful test for showing kidney function, but 
  • eGFR shows approximate % kidney function, so low numbers are worse.  

For most tests the scale up the side is non-linear - for example in the creatinine graph, 500 is quite close to 1000.  This is often useful to show important changes, but we're experimenting with options.
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Phil Johnson said...

I may be a bit late with this comment, but is it possible to include a line, or band on the graph to show what is a good result, something like the bands that you have in the text description? It would save clicking back to the text to see whether your results are good, bad or indifferent.

Neil Turner said...

This is quite difficult as the 'good' line will differ depending on who you are. For instance, almost all dialysis patients will 'normally' have terrible-looking creatinine, phosphate, etc.
The problem gets worse as we think about other specialties joining the system.
So we haven't ruled it out, but we've decided to start without it.

Mustaghfiron Firon said...

i think we also need to know how creatine works