Wednesday, December 31, 2014

PV2: Please try it out now

Existing PatientView users can now log in to the Staging version of PV2 at  It has real data up to early December.  Please test it!
  • You may be asked to change your password the first time you log in.  That will only change it at the staging sitenot at 'live' Passwords need at least 7 characters in PV2.  
  • Results at are complete up to early December, but are not being updated. (Go to still to see new results.)  
We'd love to hear your feedback.
WHY? see last post.  
It works pretty much like current PatientView, but you'll spot some differences. In particular:
  • The first view of Results shows a lot of numbers but not a table.  This is to make it work well on mobiles.  
  • You can get to a table by clicking on Table View - and now you can choose what you see there, and in what order.  

  • Graphs - get to these by clicking on 'View more details' under each result.  Choose what period to show by clicking on the buttons at the top or using the sliders at the bottom.  We think they're much better, what do you think?  
Click on 'About' for more info about the test.
Alter what the graph shows using the sliders (arrows)

  • Info links are now under My Conditions.  If you have two conditions (e.g. Renal and Diabetes, and have joined both) you'll see two sets of info links, one for each.
  • Transplant status, Other Conditions are now under My Conditions.  

We are fixing a few glitches 

  • Decimal points in some results not right.  
  • The view on a good-sized tablet should be fixable to look like the big screen version instead of like the mobile phone version  
  • We'd like graphs to be able to show two things together.  You choose which two
  • GP logins need a better fix and that's quite a lot of work
  • Transplant status isn't there.  That needs some work, hope it should be ready in time for 20th.

Please post comments below!