Wednesday, December 31, 2014

PV2: Please try it out now

Existing PatientView users can now log in to the Staging version of PV2 at  It has real data up to early December.  Please test it!
  • You may be asked to change your password the first time you log in.  That will only change it at the staging sitenot at 'live' Passwords need at least 7 characters in PV2.  
  • Results at are complete up to early December, but are not being updated. (Go to still to see new results.)  
We'd love to hear your feedback.
WHY? see last post.  
It works pretty much like current PatientView, but you'll spot some differences. In particular:
  • The first view of Results shows a lot of numbers but not a table.  This is to make it work well on mobiles.  
  • You can get to a table by clicking on Table View - and now you can choose what you see there, and in what order.  

  • Graphs - get to these by clicking on 'View more details' under each result.  Choose what period to show by clicking on the buttons at the top or using the sliders at the bottom.  We think they're much better, what do you think?  
Click on 'About' for more info about the test.
Alter what the graph shows using the sliders (arrows)

  • Info links are now under My Conditions.  If you have two conditions (e.g. Renal and Diabetes, and have joined both) you'll see two sets of info links, one for each.
  • Transplant status, Other Conditions are now under My Conditions.  

We are fixing a few glitches 

  • Decimal points in some results not right.  
  • The view on a good-sized tablet should be fixable to look like the big screen version instead of like the mobile phone version  
  • We'd like graphs to be able to show two things together.  You choose which two
  • GP logins need a better fix and that's quite a lot of work
  • Transplant status isn't there.  That needs some work, hope it should be ready in time for 20th.

Please post comments below!


Neil Turner said...

New: Set up Alerts - you can get an email when PatientView receives a new result (e.g. a new Creatinine). Or you can just choose to see that result on your home screen as soon as you log in.
Suggest you just choose one or two results.
We'll see if we can do the same for letters, Transplant status in the future.

Andrew Bailey said...

Hello Neil. I've had a play. It looks and feels nice on both my PC and tablet. I really like the new table view that I can customise with the columns I'm interested in. I spotted a few bugs/quirks for you:

-The "Last Login" on the home page states an IP address that the login was from, but it's not mine - it's the IP address for
-My date of birth is stated as an apparently random date in 1846.
-My results are not complete up to early December as stated - lots are missing. For example, my last sodium result on PatientView2 is 4th October 2014 but PatientView1 has results for 4th October, 3rd November, 2nd December and 18th December. Even stranger, my creatinine results (done at the same time) are up-to-date to 18th December on PatientView2 but missing the 4th October result. Potassium results (also done on the same dates) stop on 2nd December on PatientView2 and are also missing the 4th October result.
-PatientView2 seems to consolidate multiple tests of the same thing on one day. A hospital test I had back in May involved 13 measurements on one day, but I only see the last entry on PatientView2 (with no time associated). Actually, PatientView1 never showed all of the results either - they seemed to slowly disappear over time as new results came in.
-Nice to see a few new results (particularly magnesium and vitamin D), but they don't have any data yet. I presume this is because PatientView2 isn't pulling the data retroactively?

Thanks for the hard work. Hope that the above is helpful!

Anonymous said...


I've logged the issues with the IP and the DOB with the developers.

The gap in results was probably caused by there between data being migrated from PV1 and us starting up the process to import new results. There was also a problem with the initial migration of data where it ignored the timestamps of test results which should explain the consolidated results.

Unfortunately the raw files are only held for about 30 days so I can't see what happened in May. The original PV specification was for sites to only send the latest 10 results with each update and it's possible that the logic didn't cope with 13 on a single day. If you a similar problem happens with PV2 can you send a message to your Unit contact then we/they will investigate.

Unfortunately you won't immediately see any additional data when PV2 launches. Before this can happen we need to issue an updated list of test results to the renal system suppliers and for them to send you data. The ones you've noticed are already in PV1 (panel 6) but were added early at the request of a unit who were able to do their own configuration.

daniel duff said...

Hi ... I have had a play and RPV2 looks and feels more user friendly.However as we discussed at the Patient Forum Group with Jenny Ure in Edinburgh on Nov 27th... any system is only as good as the data fed into and the one result we all want to know is the very one missing the vast majority of the time the eGFR !! this is especially important to encourage use of PV by new users. Although from an IT perspective not an easy fix can this PLEASE be made a priority so eGFR becomes a mandatory field for those entering results.From that same Forum Group we suggested a 'Buddy System' for new users which we feel sure would increase usage of newly registered users...Launch of RPV2 would be a good point to launch the buddy system.

daniel duff said...

I had had a wee play with staging version and looks a great step in the right direction. However as we discussed in Edinburgh at the Patient Forum Group with Jenny Ure on Nov 27th ... any system is only as good as the data fed in. More often as not the one result we all want to know is missing ... the eGFR. Not an easy fix, but can this be made a mandatory field to those entering results have to record it. This would particularly encourage continued use by new users, aided by the introduction of a 'Buddy System' for new users that we also suggested at that Patient Forum Group.

Neil Turner said...

eGFR comes across with Creat in most places - but Edinburgh calculates its own in a weird old fashioned way and sends nothing when Alb isn't also measured.
Buddy group - lots of scope for patients helping I agree.
We're also updating some very short how-to videos ready for the launch.

Stuart Campbell said...

I cannot log in to PV2 with my user name and password. Just to be sure I had the correct password I have just changed it on PV1

Andrew Bailey said...

George, thanks for the comments. Not planning any more days with 13 tests in so hopefully I won't run into that problem again! The other missing results... well it's a little weird that the void is different for different tests, but hopefully it's just a migration issue as you describe.

Thanks for your efforts.

Just Frances said...

I do like the new look and feel - and had no issues viewing in Chrome on Win 7 and Win 8.1. Further, it renders very nicely on my various tablets and mobile devices. (Not that I need access on my phone, but it's nice to know it's there.)

The only thing I can think of that I'd like as an extra is the ability to export as a CSV or Excel spreadsheet. But that's because I'm a data geek.

Great work, all!

Neil Turner said...

That's good to hear. We will make the download easier one day, but if you go to table view you can copy and paste into Excel if you like

Shoky Visram said...

Thanks George. On PV1 I am already registered at Basildon and Guy's and get results from both hospitals. For some reason on PV2, only results from Basildon have been picked up. Hence my comment.

xChris said...

Any plans to implement export, as CCD/CCR as can be imported to eg. Microsoft HealthVault.

Neil Turner said...

Different export formats are on the wishlist. Most people are seeking CSV so they can populate Excel, but we are interested in alternative formats so that we can migrate records from one centre to another.

David Thomson said...

I'm sorry but I was happy with the table of results in the old site. My history is incomplete and my latest results are not displayed - they used to be up in less than 24 hours. Familiarity might help but I don't see benefits yet. And now I'm going round in circles creating accounts just to post a comment.

David Thomson said...

I'm sorry but I was happy with the table of results in the old site. My history is incomplete and my latest results are not displayed - they used to be up in less than 24 hours. Familiarity might help but I don't see benefits yet. And now I'm going round in circles creating accounts just to post a comment.

Neil Turner said...

It's true the results aren't complete yet. I hope they'll catch up very soon, there is still patchiness in what is showing but many of the latest ones are there now.
In the first 24h 57% of people accessed the site through tablets (32%) or mobile phones (25%), and on phones at least the table looked terrible in PV1
But there will be more benefits to PV2, hope you get to like it.

Anonymous said...

I am so frustrated and upset about this retrograde step. My results from several days ago are not up yet, whereas I always used to get them the next day. This is simply not good enough. We get used to being able to get our results, and gear ourselves up for them. This is just causing stress which is ALWAYS to be avoided in renal patients.

Who can I complain to in the strongest terms?

Neil Turner said...

Sorry to hear that Tommo Lynch, but It doesn't look as if it's related to the PV2 change, I can't see that a file has been sent from your unit. Could you check by sending a message to your local admin tomorrow?

A Johnstone said...

Don't like pv2, since it's went live I cannot login

turtlejennifer said...

I was able to log in but then unable to access results or anything else. After emailing Keith Simpson he suggested I try a different browser, I was using Safari on an ipad. Internet Explorer on a PC worked fine. Are you looking into the Safari issue as I understood you were trying to make PV better for mobile/tablet users?

Frank Wonnacott said...

Hi Neil, I think rpv2 is a great improvement so thanks very much. Just one tweak that users might find useful. When opening the results page is it possible to put the change marker ie up/down on the opening page without having to open each individual result. Just a thought for the future.