Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Emergency access to RPV by others

Many people already share their login with staff at other hospitals, surgeries, or units.  Some people have asked whether it could be made possible for others to see your RPV records in an emergency, at a time when you aren't able to give permission because you are too unwell.

Would this be a good idea?

Alternatives:  show your RPV login in a card in your wallet, or even on an alert bracelet/necklace.

If we were to build it into RPV, we would have to work out how to make it simple while keeping it safe, how to tell you later who had accessed it, and whether to make this available for everybody, or only those who wanted to.  


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the ability to generate a secondary password from within your account?

Logging in with that password would give limited access to the account, so access could easily be revoked by the user, simply by logging in with the master password.

Personally, I'd be more interested in an API, as I'd quite like to be able to make some of my results public. Live webcams are old hat - I want live blood chemistry on my website!

Ali said...

Why would this be necessary? If it's another hospital, they can contact my original unit for info, can't they?

Perhaps a better solution would be for the next of kin to have a one-time login for this sort of purpose so they can provide if needed rather than an uncontrolled access point.

Chris in the hills said...

I have had real experience of this , whilst on holiday in the UK I was at the start of an encaphalopathy and in a confused state 625 miles from my hospital , late one afternoon. My next of kin 5 miles away as I was rushed to hospital. I blurted out to the Doctor , when asled to recount the 6 drugs I am on..Google RPV and here is my user name / password.I felt happy that the Information from RPV was valuable in accuracy , timeliness and comprehensive to Doctors working on me. !!