Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New tests please

We hope to add these tests to RPV early in the new year:
bili, ast, alt, alp, ggt, ferritin, iron, transferrin, ironsat, urate
What else would you like? Some are difficult because they are recorded in so many different ways in different renal units, but we are also looking for a way to add occasional tests in a list a bit like the list of letters.


Mike said...

Updates on potential advances in PD equipment and accessories would be of interest.

eg. Antibacterial catheters.
PD 'on the go' - the AWAK jacket - 'portable kidney' will weigh 1kg.

Jeremy said...

I was wondering if there was any mileage in splitting results between Dialysis and Transplantation.

Also, I would like to be able to pick and choose which results that I see. If my Consultant is concentrating on a particular area such HDL v LDL, rather than the combined figure, then picking this for only one set of results would be useful.

I don't need CRP at present, so would like to be able to choose when I see this result, or maybe what order I see the results on the screen.

KeithElliott said...


Please could we have eosinophils and lymphocytes on RPV as well (ideally all the elements of FBC, but certainly those two). The liver function tests and urate levels are a great idea .. I'd love to see them

I guess lots of people might like to see different test results at different times. Is there any chance of a user-chooser system ? (or in reality does that make it impossible for units like mine - Exeter - who seem to have to type in the results manually?)

Anyway .. from my point of view ... the more info on RPV the better.

many thanks


KeithElliott said...
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Lucy said...

I'm so pleased you'll be adding iron results soon as I've just had a course of iron infusions so it would great to be able to see how I'm getting on!

Also just to say what a fantastic service this is and so fast, my results are up just two days after having bloods done this week, amazing!

Cath said...

I think iron would be a very useful one. Is there any update on when these results will be included?

paulc said...

Can we publish ANCA test results in results tables?

carlw938 said...

I think it would be interesting to place a "diet sheet" or "graph" on here that reflects your up-to-date blood test results.
i.e. salt, sugar, fatty foods etc..

If your results are ok, then the diet recommendations stay the same.

If your test results are high, then the diet tab would recommend what food to avoid in the mean time until your next blood test result.

If your results are too low, then same again, the food tab should reflect this indicating which food and drink to avoid, and which healthy food and drink to have more of.