Monday, December 8, 2008

Strong Passwords

It is in users' own interests to use strong passwords. To help us all do that we have added a link to Password Meter from the password change pages. Please use this to help us keep your account and thus the whole site secure.

Rob Worth


chris s said...

Not the best option that you included the "password meter", just because your system does NOT accepts symbols on the password... I just had a very unpleasant start with the RPV.
My account is still locked as I did the "mistake" and used secure password with symbols. I am completely disappointed about this

Anonymous said...

Cannot access my RPV results - urgently needed. have had to send for new password but will not let me past the Strong Password page amd regardless of what i enter, it goes no further., Completely unnecessary and has mucked up what was an effortless log in. please cut me out of it and I will decide for myself if my password is strong enough. Peter