Friday, August 7, 2009

Liver function and iron tests added

On results panel 5 many of you will now be able to see various liver function tests and results for iron and uric acid (which causes gout). This is in place for almost all units that use 'Proton', but if it's not there for your local unit, perhaps your local RPV admin may know whether it should be there soon.


fsgs said...

I Notice that there is no information shown about normal levels etc when you click the liver tests like on the other tests?

mab said...

Thank you; I am pleased to see these extra results added.
I should like to see more e.g Thyroid and ANCA

Dom said...

As a developer (and kidney patient using Patient View), I have to ask if there are any plans for a simple API?

I'd love to be able to write tools for myself and others that would allow them to access/plot their results in different ways and on different devices - perhaps even write an iPhone app.

WILLIE said...

when will the explanation of liver and iron test results be added to the site

William said...

@Dom - Please pursued the powers that be! Alas, I think you'll find (given previous correspondence I've entered into with them) that RPV is run 'on a shoestring' hence the lack of huge updates. :(

I'd love to see RPV in an AIR app, and a far better, two-way interface, but for now, it's not going to be. My dream would be for the data to hook up with the services that have got the resources for this to move forward at a more ambitious rate; Google Health / Microsoft HealthVault for example.

Rodders said...

Think RPV is a "Read Only" system hence inability to plot data sets?
However most people can cut and paste whatever they need to xl, etc?
I for one am delighted to be able to access my results so speedily and make my own graphs.
Perhaps we could have a link to Proton ( or similar if feasible on secure access grounds) which is capable of using these data sets to plot graph / formats ?
Ronnie Mac