Wednesday, January 13, 2010

LFT, iron tests - info at head of columns

At last we've updated the info you get when you click on the headings at the top of the columns of Liver Function Tests on panel 5 of results, and at the top of Iron results there too.
We've had several liver experts look over what we've written and they think it's OK. What do you think?


aalderan said...

Thanks for adding these readings to the results, may be you could add ParaProtien for those of us who have to self manage MGUS as well.

The AlkP READING OF 40-125 is still pointing to the Bilrubin chart.


Neil Turner said...

Below the bilirubin chart is a list of other tests I think.

Paraprotein falls into a tricky list of tests that is probably in renal systems only rarely, so it would be difficult to show it at present. This is likely to change over the next few years.