Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Should we add hepatitis, MRSA, HIV results to RPV?

Haemodialysis patients find it difficult enough to travel without extra obstacles. One of the problems is getting up to date enough results of Hepatitis B and C, HIV, MRSA.
It has been suggested that a simple solution would be to post these on RPV, though we don't yet know how many units could easily do that.
Should we? Relevant comments include:
  • Renal patients are used to having frequent Hep B and C and HIV and MRSA tests, it isn't a very big deal for them
  • The chances of learning new bad news this way would be very small; if there was a change you'd usually you'd have had a phone call to get a re-test. But it might happen rarely.
  • RPV users already know they may get bad news from RPV. The ability to see test results good or bad is is one of the major reasons they use RPV. Everyday examples are that they might discover worse kidney function results, high potassium.
  • A significant minority of RPV users require someone else to login for them
  • The additional protection of an extra login step or caution would be minimal, and it would be annoying and inconvenient
  • It's not just an issue for haemo patients. Some patients receiving treatment for hepatitis, HIV or MRSA would really like to see these results anyway.


William said...

I'm not really sure I really understand why these tests are considered any more sensitive than the usual ones.. All medical information is supposed to be treated with the same level of confidentiality, no? Those with access to RPV directly are presumably considered able to digest the results. Those who are not the patient but have access are equally bound to respect them.

The more information I can get through RPV the better!

Anonymous said...

Generally speaking, I think the more information, the better.

Perhaps the more sensitive results should be opt-in though. Make people read a disclaimer and explain why they should think carefully before opting in, but then just make it a simple checkbox on their account - and make it reversible, if they change their mind.

Mags said...

As a patient who is computer orientated and has used RPV for a few years, I would like to ALL results available. It would be better than seeing half the picture. I agree with both Dom & William.

kevin said...

We would really like all the information, not just some of it, don't understand why it's not there, why are letters missing ?


Mandy said...

We as renal patients are so used to having tests done, blood/urine - you name it, we've been there and done it. What difference does it make if these are displayed as well? Surely it is better for a professional to see the whole picture, for instance in the case of emergency and admittance to another hospital. Yes, they should be added.

ibezomam said...

Yeah, u r all very right

Anonymous said...

The more information that is available the better!