Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New - Enter your own ...

You can now enter your own Blood Pressure, weight, or glucose when you are logged into RPV.  See Enter my ... at the top.

These could be blood pressure measured at home, or at your GP surgery or elsewhere.  In the results tables, you can now see where each test result has come from. Things you have entered will be shown as from 'Patient'.
Within the week we hope to add Comments, so you can make comments about a particular day, or about your health, that can explain funny test results, or just as a 'blog'.

At the moment, all of this info is just on Renal PatientView, your renal team and GP won't know it's there unless you show and tell.  
Soon we want to test sending these results back to Renal Units and are looking for some units to be guinea pigs for this.  


William said...


Dave Ambler said...

As a regular user of RPV, I welcome the introduction of "Enter your own...." Why not go the whole 9 yards and add dialysis results for those of us who are CAPD patients? The introduction of this section can often help one monitor ones own results and identify any irregularities that occur.

chris s said...

Yes... amazing web application!
Everything is 'nice' except when your account is locked you have to wait ALMOST ONE MONTH to be unlocked!
I am VERY CURIOUS who is the architect of this !