Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Volunteers to speak about RPV?

Spokespersons for RPV
Sometimes we are asked for user comments on RPV, for example for the Press.  Questions such as, what it's like to use, why you use it, whether it would be good if other branches of the NHS could do the same thing.  Would you be willing?  If so, would you mind sending an email to renal@ed.ac.uk, including
  • Your name
  • What treatment you're on (dialysis, transplant, neither)
  • Which unit you're from
  • Best way to get hold of you
and we'll put you on a short list of people that we can contact.  There might be some questions because of the meeting next week.  Thanks!

The pic is one of the latest that Beth Shortt did for Kidney Research UK.  There's another here and here.  

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