Wednesday, May 1, 2013

We broke the forum

We posted questions about the value of the Forum in RPV earlier - and had decided to close it.  It was never very heavily used.  We know that many users were instead chatting away in online discussions elsewhere.
Two have been repeatedly recommended:
  • Facebook's Renal Patient Support Group (search for it in Fbk).  This is open to anyone to read at the moment, but may have a trial of being a closed group soon.
  • The Kidney Patient Guide (KPG) Forum is older, but is really excellent (click on the forum name, or link directly to forum itself here).  It's had over 52,000 posts. 
Both of these are very active and supportive.  

We're posting this now because the latest new version of RPV, with several features we'll report on soon, broke the RPV Forum.  So it's disappeared sooner than we intended, but we're inclined to leave it broken, if that's OK.  In the next version in a fortnight, we'll remove the Tab and you'll never know it was there.

If  you think this is a really bad idea, or otherwise, comments below are welcome. 

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