Monday, August 20, 2012

80% of renal units will soon have RPV

Green flags are units with RPV; Red - it's on its way
It's been great to welcome several more units during 2012.  By the end of this year it should be available in adult renal units covering:
  • All of Scotland
  • All of Northern Ireland
  • All of the North of England from Yorkshire and Merseyside
  • All of the South West and South coast of England
(see the full map here)
RPV is already  available in 100% of units in Scotland, including the Sick Children's Hospital in Glasgow.  Progress has been slower in Wales, and some London units, but several units are making progress.  Just 10 out of 73 adult units don't seem to be have plans yet, 7 in England and 3 in Wales.  We're writing to them again. 

This is great news and will make it easy for patients in these units to join the new Rare Renal Diseases Registers which are about to launch.  More about these soon.

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Simon Balfre said...

I find it incredible that the South East of England hasn't full caught on to this scheme of aiding patients in accessing their renal details and records. Even St. George's in Tooting is still only pending and not yet active, having been that way now for about two years.