Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Recruitment: a new unit takes the lead

A year ago we mentioned Salford's recruitment drive.  This August, Salford took over the lead from long-time trailblazers Bristol.  At the end of July Salford recored 1211 RPV registrants.  We compare this with the size of the renal unit as measured by number of patients on dialysis and with transplants;  at the end of 2010 this was 837, giving a ratio of 145%.  (As many RPV users are renal patients who don't need dialysis or a transplant, this number can be over 100%).  Here is the leader board:
Salford 145 %
Bristol 137 %
Edinburgh 114 %
Nottingham 100 %
Preston 97 %
Glasgow 96 %

Great achievement.  National averages are National averages are Scotland 75%, England 45 %, Wales 18%, Northern Ireland 5%.
Dr Grahame Wood describes Salford's approach here, and you can find further ideas in our RPV recruitment toolkit.   

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At the end of July Media Sales Jobs Salford recored 1211 RPV registrants.